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I currently offer two stand alone classes adapted from the 5 part class series. 

Stand alone class 1: Vagal Nerve, Trauma, Fascia, Autism, and Human Sexuality
The third class is a deep dive into the nervous system and its role in sexuality and socializing. This class includes an examination of the polyvagal theory, fascia, the immune system, and trauma. Auditory hyperacusis, PDA (pathological demand avoidance) and rejection sensitive dysphoria will also be covered as illustrative examples of how an understanding of the nervous system, vagus nerve, and trauma can help shift our perspective around challenging behavior. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of the nervous system as well as how the nervous system and trauma impact and influence sexuality and ability to socialize.

Stand alone class 2: Sensory Processing Disorder, Autistic Burnout, Autism, and Human Sexuality. 
This class is a deep dive into the senses- including a discussion of auditory hyperacusis- and burnout- specifically Autistic burnout- and how both (individually and together) impact sexuality as well as socializing in general. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of our senses and autistic burnout and their role in sexuality and socializing.

Who are these classes for?
These classes are primarily for therapists but they are open to anyone (i.e. Autistic individuals, parents, educators, other professionals who work with Autistic individuals etc.) who is interested in learning about autism, human sexuality, and the intersection of the two subjects. Each class will include an extensive resource list. Instead of piecemeal resource gathering, individuals can get a wide range of information in one place with guidance. These classes will be more focused on the “why” of behavior rather than behavior management/description. Course content can be adjusted based on participants prior knowledge and training. The stand alone classes are limited to 10 people. There is an option to take the classes one-on-one. Both classes will be live and not prerecorded. If interested please contact to set up a screening call (video or phone).

Each stand alone class is $250. Payment plans can be arranged by contacting for more information. More information on payment is available here

Each class is 2 hours. This includes ~75-90 minutes of instruction with time for ~20-30 minutes of questions.

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